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SUPER Z oil change question

High Humidity

LawnSite Member
Ponte Vedra, Fl.
Well, my first post must have gotten lost. Here go's again: My Hustler super Z with 25 KAW has just 6 hours on it. The dealer said change the oil at about this time. Should I change the oil filter also? What kind of oil? The manual says 30 or 40 weight in my heat conditions. I was thinking synthetic valvoline 20W50, especially since I live in Florida. Any help!


LawnSite Fanatic
Syracuse, NY
Oil filters are so inexpensive now, I would just put a new one on.
Oil, go with a quality brand that is readily available, look in your owners manual for proper weight oil for you conditions.
Synthetic, I would wait to the 50 hour mark to put any in, let than engine break in on normal oil.
Some good advice on this can come from your dealer, they will know what works best in your engine and in your conditions.