Super Z owners

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Do you have any complaints about the Super Z's, anything that should be changed? I currently have a 60" Lazer Z 26 EFI, but am looking at getting another mower, I cant decide on another Lazer or a Super Z, thanks for the help


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SE Michigan
Well I have a Lazer liquid 60 and a Super Z 60
You cant beat the speed its sweet you can finnish the junk lawns so fast its shorter you can fit more on the trailer. Now for the ugly the deck does not dispurse clippings as well. They only offer one type blade and the lift on them sucks. I had i wheel motor fail at 560 hours, one bad spindle. But with their two year warranty it cant be beat in my opinion. The exmark had issues with the liquid cooled engine and deck pullies. I will buy most likley by a Hustler again. It is a productive machine and thats what its all about.