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    The last time I mowed, I noticed that the deck assembly seemed to be making a rattling/squeaking noise. I started checking for loose nuts, bolts, etc. and found that the pusher assembly (p/n 349803) on my 2005 Super Z :confused: (926766) has developed more wear (slack) on the right side of the pusher assembly where it rotates. When you move the deck front to rear on the right side, there is almost twice the movement than that on the left side. Is this normal wear? I could not find any adjustment, other than a grease fitting. Please advise. THANXZZZ!!! :confused:
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    E-mail me and I will have our customer service guys look into this, this is new to me, I have not heard of this before and we have been making that tractor for many many years.

  3. fatdog47

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    Per your request, I took my Super Z in to the dealer to examine the excessive slack on the right side of the pusher bar assembly. They initially thought it was broken in the middle, but I explained to them that it designed to be split in the middle. We looked at a new Super Z, and it had very little slack. At that point, they said to leave it with them and they would check with their distributor in OKC. The next day, I received a call and was told that this was "normal" for this unit. I am very disappointed in this "so-called" warranty process. I find a problem that will only get worse as the machine is used, but am told this is "normal" wear. As a result, I priced the assembly and will be purchasing it shortly, to ensure that I can keep my mower productive. In addition to this disappointment, after I get my machine home, I noticed that a hole had been punched into the back of the seat (note that the dealer had loaded the unit for me). I called them, and they said they would replace the seat if they had done the damage. I am presently waiting for a confirmation for a new seat.
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    Just checked both our Super Zs and noticed same thing. So went to the dealer and checked all their mowers, new and used. All of them were like that. It's nothing to worry about.
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    my super miniz has the same thing. more on right side than left. i went to our dealer in mcalester and looked at all their mowers with that bar. all of them had slack just like mine. your dealer was right, it's normal.

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