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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Thunderhead, Jun 30, 2010.

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    I've had my '09 Super Z for almost a year now. I'm guessing that it's about 10 months old. It has between 40 and 43 hours on it. It's not too far off from its second engine oil change (lol can't wait!:weightlifter:).

    My question is that I was wondering / concerned if anybody else with a Super Z (31HP Kawasaki, 60" XR-7) has had fuel problems?? Mine would run and die and spit and spudder and backfire and snort and cough:laugh: Anyway, it ended up being that the fuel filter was stopped up.

    From NOW ON, I will ALWAYS change the fuel filter EVERY TIME I change the engine oil (every 50 hours), IF NOT BEFORE.

    While I'm here, I also wanna say that I LOVE MY HUSTLER MOWER AND MY DEALER. Owner, Ricky Aime with SNR Enterprise in Livingston, LA. is a TOP-NOTCH PERSON AND MECHANIC. ( And no, I'm not just saying he's an excellent mechanic just because of a stopped up fuel filter.) It don't get any better than him. He TRULY cares about his customers. Hustler should be Very Proud to have him as one of their dealers. Yes, I'll buy whatever he sells. As long as he stays in business, he's surely got my business.

    "Hey, It's nice to have a Super Dealer to go with my Super Z!":clapping: (patent pending) :laugh:lol!
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    Thank you.
    Yes, you have to watch the fuel filters now with the higher ethanol, they seem to plug up quicker.

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    Yes, I run only Shell here in Kansas fuel in it. But almost all of it has ethanol now. BP used to have 92 with now ethonal but they gave that up.

    I usually every 3 to 4 tanks run 91 or mid grade in mine if it is low because I figure they put and don't clean the 87 enough. I can really tell this for a fact on my Audi how messy the gas is.

    Good luck

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