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  1. Rhall31

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    Hello everyone. I'm in the market for mower this spring and have pretty much
    narrowed my choices down to Exmark's Lazer and Hustler's Super Z. Exmark cause thats what the pro's seem to buy a lot of, Hustler 'cause the Super Z seems like a lot of mower for the price. I'm trying to decide whether to spend the extra bucks on the 72" deck and bigger motor(30hp) or stick with the 60" and 25hp setup. I'm mowing 4.5-5 acres of yard thats no too bumpy. Does Hustler offer the 30hp kohler? Is the efi a good investment? Any advice is appreciated.
  2. mowerconsultant

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    We do offer the 30hp Kohler, they are just now becoming available.
    You can get them on the 60" XR-7 and the 66" XR-7 right now, and the 72" XR-7 later in the spring.
    Sounds like you may fall right between the need / want for a 60 to 72 inch model, which could make you a great candidate for the 66 inch XR-7, more productive than a 60, less money and scalping then the 72.
    Price one out at your dealer, I think you will be surprised.
    Pro's are making the change, we are biting into every mfg's bottom line with the sales of Hustler mowers.
    You will see Hustler as a # 1 contender soon, we already are there in different parts of the country.

  3. Rhall31

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    I'm really leaning towards the 66" deck on a super Z and adding the flex forks.
    Took some measurements around my fence where I waste time now and the 66" will get it with 2 swipes.

    I'm weighing the different engines now...25kaw? 27koh? I know, all the Hp
    I can afford, but I'm also considering acres per gallons<g>.

    Yet another co-worker voiced his extreme pleasure with his Hustler superZ!
    He has a 25hpKaw w/ a 60" deck and loves it. He says his 3 hour mowing time was cut to 1 hour. Impressive. He also recommended all the HP I could
    afford to buy but in the same breath said his unit has never bogged...and he never gets behind in his mowing.

    Will the 25HPKaw handle the extra capacity of the 66" deck? The maximum
    torque ratings between the 25's and 27's don't seem significant...
    Thanks in advance...
  4. mowerconsultant

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    The smaller hp engines will handle the decks we offer them on, although ground speed and cutting conditions play a major role in this, as in don't try to mow to fast for the conditions.
    We wouldn't offer the engine option on a particular size deck if it did not work.
    As I have said and you have probably read on here, get as much hp as you can justify / afford.

  5. TLS

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    Just to make sure your reading all the numbers they are printed and listed incorrectly on Hustlers literature/online.

    The Kohler 27hp SHOULD read 42.7lb/ft of torque.

    Although the 25 Kawi is a good strong engine, it is a considerably smaller displacement engine. 50cc's is a LOT as is 1.7lb/ft of torque.

    Personally, with you being a homeowner, you have nothing to worry about between either engine....just stay away from that 24 Honda.

    See what your dealer has in stock and deal from that. If he's dealing strong on the Kawi's, then go for that and vice/versa.

    Good Luck!
  6. puppypaws

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    Get the 28 efi and the 66" XR-7 deck and I promise you will be the most impressed by this mower than any other mower made today.
  7. Rhall31

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    I went with the 30hp kohler, 66" deck and the flex forks. Got an extra $200
    off at my dealers open house but will have to wait to take delivery as he hasn't recieved any 30hp models. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I'll post
    a review when I start mowing.
  8. mowerconsultant

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    Welcome to the family!
    We look forward to your review.
    And dont forget about pictures!!

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