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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by P&J Lawncare, May 3, 2003.

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    The mower is a hustler super z with the 27 kohler engine, the kohler was released 2 weeks ago. the kohler that you are wondering about LGF is the EFI kohler that is due to be released in the fall mine is the 27 carb kohler. The blades that I run doubles with are the high lift offset blades made for bobcat mowers, they are identical to the hustler blades but not as wide and not as thick the hustler blades are to heavy to run doubles properly. I will take these stripes all day long, I get compliments on a daily basis from people who love the way this property looks and I have gotten three more large commercial properties because of these not very good stripes and just for the record this was not cut in ideal conditions we have had rain every other day and little if any sun with temperatures in the 50's and 60's
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    I think the property looks great. I especially like the "full view" & the "highway veiw" pictures.

    I was just thinking today that I am getting bored of straight stripes. I like the way you follow the contour of the landscaping. It's a break from the ordinary. I wish I had atleast one shapely property like that to cut.

    I was bored so I cut one today.... wide stripe/skinny stripe/wide stripe.... across the whole lawn. I liked it pretty good even though it looked much better from one side than the other, on the side where the away stripes were wide and the skinny stripe was the return stripe. The return stripe looked extra dark that way.
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    Super-z with single factory high lift

    kids tampa 037.jpg

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    I'm sorry. I was not very clear with my question.. I meant the first pics on the page... :blush:
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    Here is another Super Z stripe:

    super z stripe sousa 1.jpg
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    P&J, I'm surprised Flex-Deck hasn't called you yet. LOL
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    So...................are you Super Z owners satisfied with your mowers? Have they been trouble free?

    Anybody down south have one? I mean in bahai country Kirby!

    Time is coming for me to make a change!

    Love the stripes.........all the properties look good.

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