Super Z Throwing Hydraulic Drive Belt

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    I have a 2 year old Super Z 72" with 130 hours. Ran over a stick I didn't see that dislodged the drive belt. When that happened, the idler pulley, under tension from the spring, slammed into the hydraulic drive pulley, damaging all the cooling fins. I took the hydraulic drive pulley off and repaired the fins, reinstalled, and was on my way. Then, it threw the belt, snagged it under the hydraulic drive pulley and snapped it!

    I now realize two things. The newer decks have a "stop bolt" to keep the idler arm from doing the damage mine did and I think the idler arm is actually bent so that it will tend to try to dislodge the belt since it is out of alignment.

    Is there a retro fix for this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Wichita KS
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    You can install the stop bolt, as you are aware, this was added in the last couple of years.
    If you broke another belt, like you are also aware of your arm may need to be straightened, also double check your pulley alignment and get that new belt on there and you should be fine.


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