Super Z vs. the Lazer Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dannyc33, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. dannyc33

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    I'm iinterested in buying eighter a 72" Super Z or Lazer Z and would like to here opinions from LCO's that eighter own both or have demoed both. I would either get a 27hp Kohler or a 27hp Liquid Cooled Kaw (which Exmark has and Hustler will have in Oct)
    I plan to demo both soon, but a few hours on each may not be enough time to choose what's best. But to compare apples to apples you can give me your opinion on the 27 hp Kohler, or both.

    I currently have a 60" 25hp Kaw Super Z and want to move up but am torn between the two. First is reliablility. Everyone here loves the Super Z but with only 240 hours on mine it's been in the shop over ten time for various problems in a year and a half.Maybe I just got the lemon.

    I like the Super Z's speed, build quality, small size, and design.
    But I hear the Lazer Z has a superior cut, good stripping kit, bigger bagging system, nicer cut & stripes, and their 72" is a 72" (unlike Hustler's which is really a 69")

    But what ulitimatly important is which will make me more money and give me the least problems?

    So what do you guy think?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!
    Thankyou kindly,

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    i run 61 lazer-z beat the s out of them no problems on either in 400hrs.
  3. imograss

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    27 kohler super z here, no probs, no regrets.
  4. Nebraska

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  5. SLS

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    Your Super...240 the shop 10 times

    My Lazer (60" w/ 23 Kaw)...1346 the shop 1 time (tiny hydro leak at pump...fixed in less than 24 no charge under warrenty).

    Have changed deck belt and mule drive belt once (around 800 hours). About time to change the original electric clutch.

    The best investment I have EVER made.
  6. LeoS818

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    I demoed both super zs, lazers and a few others. I belive the super z and 72 inch lazer were equal. The reason I chose exmark is because the dealer is in town here. And the hustler dealer is 40 miles away.

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