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  1. accuratelawn

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    I am interested in the new Zs.
    The "regular" z will come with a 23 Kaw and will go 11mph with blade speed of 18,700.
    The Super Z will come with 25 Kaw and will go 15 mph with blade speed of 18,350.
    Why the difference in blade speed?
    How is the extra ground speed achieved?
    When will the Kawasaki engines be available with a canister air filter system?
    What is the difference in price between the two units 60"?
  2. Artman

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    Both the Z and the Super Z have blade tip speed of 18,350 for the 60" deck. (the 18,700 was from some preliminary specs that were later revised).

    The Super Z runs Hydro-Gear BDP21 pumps and White CE 18 wheel motors vs Hydro-Gear BDP10 and Ross MB 15 wheel motors on the Z. The BDP21s are twice as large as the BDP10s and the White CE 18s are 20% larger (meaning they put out more oil, the more oil pushed, the faster you go).

    Kawasaki is working on the remote air filter and we are told we will hve them available this Spring.

    Hustler Z w/60" Deck $8,385 MSRP
    Super Z w/60" Deck 8,995 MSRP
  3. owen bryant

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    Well you are looking at two of the best units on the market as far as I am concerned. I looked at both for a few months along with other brands and in my mind the superz was the way to go, I like the bigger pumps. The speed diffrence was not the reason I purchased the super, to me if you have bigger pumps and engine the unit under normal conditions will not be running always at it limit. In my view if you get the regular z or super z you won't go wrong. I purchased my super z last month with the 52 inch deck and I love it.......

    Owen Bryant
    Lawn Keepers
  4. accuratelawn

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    Thanks for the reply. Will the air filter be standard on the Kawaski like Kohler? If not how much will it be?

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