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    Hey Pj, I really need to know if Hustler is working on a solution to the VX4 discharge. I am having a real problem with it even in short dry grass. To the point that I am really regretting my purchase now.
    I understand the problems associated with cutting long grass but these windrows Im getting even happens in short dry grass, where grass is a little thicker. Its happening where it really shouldnt!

    The problem as far as I can see is that grass is ejected across the entire length of the discharge chute. Clippings are getting caught up on the triangular piece (I guess brace) at the back of the chute. It builds up to a mass and then just drops to the ground.

    Basically, that triangular brace needs removing and or a piece added so clippings dont get caught up in that area.
    I had a look at a Scag deck recently and they have an add on that looks like whats needed for the VX4 deck. Its called the Turbo Baffle...

    Hustler needs to come up with there own version of the Turbo Baffle.

    Between my dealer and I we could come up with a baffle but I dont see why I should spend the time and money on finding a fix myself when you guys have the engineers, computer modelling and the most to gain ie, you'll sell more machines.

    If Hustler isnt working on a fix then I will need the ok to remove that triangular piece in the chute without hurting my deck warranty.

    Seriously PJ, I need this deck issue resolved and Im a little disappointed I havent heard anything from Hustler on this issue. I have made it pretty clear there is something wrong in other posts, as have others.
    Its costing me time and money and not doing my reputation any favours. My customers are starting to notice the clumps and or extra time, wheel marks etc etc on there yards! Things are hard enough without these added problems. Im to the point this machine may result in me closing the business. Its that serious!
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    E-mail me and I will get you in contact with our international service manager.


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