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  1. Mimowerman

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    I am intrested in purchasing a 60" super Z this spring , and I am not sure what engine to get on this unit! I have a 20hp engine on a 52" toro z , it cuts fine, but I was wondering If in this case, with larger wheel motors on the hustler and such , what horsepower is reccomended by hustler. I am cutting northern grasses, near detroit , MI , mainly flat terrain, .25 acre to 3 acre lots. money is not really an object, I'm not gonna skimp on this mower.:usflag:

    Thanks for your help !!
    CJ's Lawn Service, LLC
  2. mowerconsultant

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    If money isnt a issue I would go with the 28hp Kohler EFI.
  3. Mimowerman

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    Thats pretty much the conclusion I have come to over the past week of research! Now I'm waiting to see If hustler will be giving any rebates on this mower in the next month or so ! Thanks for the response ! I can't wait to see some yellow on my trailer !!! :usflag:

    Chris J
  4. blackandgold

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    The tried and true 25hp Kawasaki
  5. DAR57

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    Mimowerman, I have a Super Z 60" 30HP Kohler............LOVE IT! I will probably try the 28 EFI next mower though just to check fuel usage. GREAT MOWERS!
  6. mulligant

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    It really is hard for anyone to make a reccomendation to you because most of us have different locations and conditions. However, what I can reccomend is to talk with your dealer and see which engine they can service the quickest and easiest. I would then reccomend that you demo that engine. I can tell you what my dealer told me keeping in mind that our locations and dealers are much different. My dealer told me that the 25 Kawasaki was too small for the large 21cc wheel motors on the super z. They told me that the 30 kohler was still having issues (almost a year ago so issues should be resolved). They then told me that they really didn't like to work on the electronic engines. What they did reccomend is ther 27 kohler which has been around for ever and been used by many manufacturers and they knew it inside and out. Like I said it will be hard to beat the super z no matter which engine you pick. Good luck and see what your dealer/regional rep has to say about your engine choices.

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