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    I just got a 25hp Kawi Super Z with gator blades. I've noticed that the blades don't cut cleanly but kind of rip some of the grass.

    What can I do to improve this? I'll try sharpening the blades. Should I cut slower?

    Also, when I shutdown it backfires sometimes. I think if I let it rev down all the way it doesn't, but will have to check that. Any thoughts on the backfiring?

    Finally, what is an HD remote filter and how do I tell if I have one? This is a 2001 model and, according to PJ, they were dealer options back then.

    So far, I love mowing with it. Hopefully it won't give me any major problems. Mowing 3 acres is now fun. :cool2:

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    Check your blades for sharpness, check your blade belt for proper tension, check your deck pitch if the prior listed items are ok.
    You should shut your unit down at half throttle to help prevent backfiring, this is per most engine mfg's now.
    The HD remote filter is mounted on top of your spoiler on the back wing of the mower, it is a black cannister with a hose off one end and a mushroom cap on the top.
    In 2001 some came with it installed from the factory, some were installed by dealers and some did not have it at all, if your unit does not have it, it can be installed by a dealer.

  3. Doc Pete

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    Gators have poor vacuuming power, and don't suck up the grass for a good clean cut. I'd use doubles if you want to mulch.........

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