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Anybody have any experience with Superthrive? I have done a search and have found very little info. I am thinking of adding it to our tree shrub program. I am also debating on mixing a few oz in our tanks for some green up doing pre m and broadleaf? What are your thoughts?

Jason Rose

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I know the product you speak of, though have never used it. I know a guy that has, on transplanted trees. Works? Who knows. Snake oil? Possibly.

I'd say it can't hurt to try, but it can, in your wallet. I know it dosn't take much per gallon of mix, but it's still dang expensive for something that's really only "proven" by the dozen tiny pictures and "testamonials" on the bottle, lol.


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it does work well for transplanting as it has hormones and vitamins essential to preventing shock. i can attest to its working in that situation. i cant see why it would hurt for shrubs, not lawns though.

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