supervisor or owner ratio to # of crews

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by HBFOXJr, Mar 11, 2002.


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    lawn lad your numbers are very descriptave of my self...looking forthat second employee this season....does not feel much easier than the first ...maybe a little
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    Just to qualify my question, I was looking at laborers to foreman(i prefer to call team leads). Doug beat me to the punch......{taking notes}....
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    thanks for clearing that up for me guys, my apologies HBFOXJr.
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    It's more of a what type of work that you do question. We do all public work so, I have one person in the office bidding and one in the field handling 3 crews, for us it's making sure the work that we take on is timed right ( not looking at opening up 5 jobs at once). Now doing homeowners would make it a different story, you have more flexability because you set the schedule (install work only), weather also plays a big part, we just can't control it:)

    Your equipment and crew efficiency and ability of crew leadership play an important part too. If you have crew leaders that know what is expected of them and they have the ability to handle it.

    It all comes down to leadership, jobs and your ability to let go of hour to hour or day to day responibility and hand it down a notch.
  5. This year I have handed down more responsibilities to one of my forman. He is required to get everyone rolling and and keep them going. Being that I am doing strictly sales, I cannot handle the baby sitting tasks, but I can keep a eye on them and do my work at the same time.

    I feel that 1 person can maintain non istallation work with one selling and one running several crews.

    Once I get to the level I need some one to manage I will hire one.

    Most permotains within the company I have seen to may problems with some other LCO's with peolpe who were never qualified in those positions.

    Giving more responsibilities is different than having "formen" turned managers they seem to not mix very well.

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