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    Has anyone had any issues with a Kohler 27HP (2006) model smoking heavily at startup? I have 14 hours on mine and when it starts up it will smoke very bad until you push the throttle and clear it out. After it is running I do not see any visible smoke coming out the exhaust. I also noticed that the rear valve cover is blowing oil out from around the gasket. When I changed the original oil out last spring I noticed that the oil had a lot of metal particles in it. I mentioned this to the dealer and was told that this was normal?

    I called my dealer where I purchased my SuperZ and was told that the smoking engine is a very common problem with the Kohler engines and to shut it down at full throttle? They also mentioned that Hustler would not do anything on this until I had 150 hours on the clock. Being a residential owner this is just not gonna happen within the two year warranty period. So am I just worried over a normal engine with too few hours, or is my motor fixing to eat itself up. I can also hear a loud knock when it is idling, but this could be normal and I am just apprehensive from all the other symptoms am I seeing.:confused:
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    First thing first...
    Hustler cant do anything in regards to engine issues, it is a Kohler engine, warranty is done by Kohler, not Hustler.
    E-mail me your information along with model and serial #, I would like to have a regional rep contact the dealer and see if they can look into this a bit further.
    Double check the engine oil, make sure its between the marks and that it isn't diluted with fuel.
    There are several reasons this could be happening, including the possibility that the engine is still breaking in.

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    I'd bet money it's a blown head gasket. We see this problem a lot on the 25-30hp Kohler's.
  4. nick858

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    My 27 KOH smokes at startup, and so does my 28EFI Koh. Not every start up, but probably about half the time. Mine has 800 hrs on the 27 and 300 on the 28, so I dont think you will have any troubles. Still worth getting checked out though.
  5. rod821

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    I emailed mowerconsultant my contact info... I had a 30 minute mow this past weekend. It started in a large cloud of blue smoke as it has been doing lately. After the smoke cleared I noticed the engine knocking, it was very loud this time. After a few minutes it ran as normal with no noticeable knocking or smoking. I will have to call the dealer again and see what they can do as this is definitely not normal. I'll let you know the outcome.
  6. puppypaws

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    I forgot to mention I have owned two 27 hp Kohler's on Super Z's and they never smoked once on startup and one of them used more oil than normal consumption.
  7. mulligant

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    My 2007 27hp Kohler does the same thing. I took it out for a demo when it had about an hour on it and the dealer had already done the initial oil change. When I went back to buy it I mentioned this problem to the dealer and he said it was proabably just break in. After it got a few hours on it the problem seemed to go away. However, about a month ago I gave it the 50 hour oil and filter change and the problem is back. It now has anywhere from 55-57 hours on it and the problem has not gone away. Does this engine not like new oil or something?
  8. rod821

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    I talked to my dealer yesterday about this problem. I was told that the some of the Kohler's have an issue with a reed value and this is most likely the source of the smoking problem. I hope to get my mower in sometime within the next couple of weeks for service. Keeping my fingers crossed about the knocking problem as well. Oh well!
  9. rod821

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    This is really strange... I went out and tried starting the SuperZ to see if the knock was still there. During my last cutting it had quited down after it warmed up. Well, it started up without any smoke and without the loud knocking! It sounded like it did when it was new, nice and quiet. :confused:

    I am beginning to wonder if Kohler might have some defect with the breather reed value system on these 27hp engines. I still plan on taking it into the dealer when I get a chance. This is not a normal occurance for an engine of any age.

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