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SuperZ owners


LawnSite Senior Member
I really like the way they are built very heavy duty and simpler looking to work on. Fewer parts there the fewer that can break. MY question is would you buy it again if you were doing it over? And why? I have conserns with burning spots and cutting in wet conditions. The eariler I start the earlier I get home to my family and I do not stop for rain breaks unless its lightning, I'm no lightning rod. This would help me lots and I don't want a $8000 mistake on my trailer to look at every day. Thanks in advance.


LawnSite Senior Member
As a owner of a Hustler Z, I will definitely buy another one. The super Z can only be better.


LawnSite Senior Member
hattiesburg, ms
Hell YES I would buy another super z, that was the best money that I have spent in a long time. I just started to run doubles on mine and love it so far, If you want a smooth running machine get the 28efi, that thing rocks.

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volunteer state
yes i would buy again.. have 2 now. looking to buy a naw super z walkbehind very soon....

Metro Lawn

LawnSite Silver Member
I have and would buy again.