SuperZ VX4 or Gravely 460?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by beaver29, May 24, 2012.

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    For me because I am in FL the Super with a XR7 is great so I will just update the mower as needed and as I see fit. I do not remember on this site who it was that had the back engine plate cracked twice but those are the only major failures I know of and that sounded screwie to me?

    The problem I have with the Super Z is not enough torque for hills,the XR7 could dispearse the clippings better for sure and I would like bigger wheels for traction on slopes. The throttle cable is cheesie as well and breaks, Handles for hydro engagement can bend,splindel shafts bend to easy but are easy and cheap to fix. Seems like the oil capacity is to small for Hydro system? but all this stuff is easy to update and other than those complaints I love the mower especially the way it cuts short at 15MPH and leaves no stingers and the XR7 can be run into practically anything at 15MPH and it would just take it on the chin. :laugh:

    How is the new Super better and worse?
  2. Realslowww

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    We have Lesco's here and they sold the Tank and were a cheap mower and you got alot for the price, but most in these parts would pay the extra money and get a better made product.

    Some of the cutting I do would tear a Tank up in short order, the deck and chasses on those things are nowhere near as tough as my Super.

    Envy was in a dream world when he used to say a Tank was as tough as it gets.

    For the money they were good to OK but there was a reason you could pick them up on Ebay for next to nothing because as Mr. Haney would say on Green Acres in my opinion a Tank is a GENUINE ARTIFICIAL MOWER!:laugh:
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    You gotta remember I had an M48 Tank. My only real complaints with it was it clumped in damp conditions and it sat too high and rode rough. Other than that it cut like a champ in dry and it stripped better than any mower I have ever used. I assume that is because it came standard with a stripping roller and none of my other mowers have ever had a stripping kit. I really don't think it was built bad. The only reason we sold it was because we wanted to upgrade to a 60" and we got our 160Z new for $6500 out the door.

    Tank cut quality and stripes.



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    Holly freakin crap!!!! That was done with a cub tank!!!!???? GO TANK! Ive always not cared for those mowers but i have a little more respect for them now! Good lookin yard by the way!

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