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    I have read the comments about lesco...and have bought a dab of supplier off of them and visited with them at legnth. They were very helpful I can't say enough about the store in Maumel Ark. I stopped at one in a different state and the guy was not very helpful, I could tell he thought I was wasting his time.

    In my aera we have no local sales of most of these products, yes we have retail sellers, farmers co-op, TSC, hardware stores. But with them adding on the mark-up they do,well you know it dosen't pay to use them and they have no more knowledge then I do. I have even been called several times for advice from one store.

    Lesco will ship anything I want, good but runs the cost up. They are 21/2 hours away.
    BWI is through here once a week, have to have a minimum order for them to drop off. They are 11/2 hours away.
    Now to one that impressed me. ESTES CHEMICAL truck through here at least once a week three times usually during the season somtimes everyday better prices then bothe of the above and will mix what ever blend of fertilizer you want. 11/2 hours away also. But they deliver! They also have a sharp turf man there for a resource.
    Check them out.

  2. I use BWI and am pretty sure I can get your "S&H" dropped and maybe get you a better pricing scale.
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    Thanks LGF I've still got to fill out the customer info sheets they gave me. I have gone to the store in Springfield and picked up quite a bit.

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    I really like the Lesco store in Maumelle, Ar too, naturalawn. They are always very informative and really helpful. Fortunately, for me, Lesco is only about 15 or 20 minutes from me. I can just go by a get my things as needed without having to stock up. However, last October, I think I did purchase about a half of pallet of pre-M, and stored it my garage, but I used it all in about a month. I wonder if I should buy a whole pallet of pre-M in Feb. for my split apps. I will use in Feb.-Mar. then again in May-June? Anyway, again, I really like the Lesco store here.

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