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    Hey Im located in Cambridge Ohio, Do you have any stores nearby. I just ordered a couple of parts for my lawnmower and to say the least I was very unhappy with the service.......honestly i nearly sold my mower the next day. but I still have it for the moment. anyway I ordered four parts totalling about $26.00 and I received the first one in the mail with a $9.00 shipping charge to ship it 100 miles and god knows it only weighed a pound. Wondering where my other three parts were I called who I ordered it from and I was advised that they were on back order and that they would be arriving in two seperate shipments. I advised the woman about my displeasure with the $9.00 shipping charge on the first item and I asked her if i would be getting charged shipping for the other two shipments and she said that of course I would. Well Exmark, Scag, and Gravely do not charge shipping on backordered items so why would Lesco. I cant see paying $27.00 in shipping charges for $26.00 worth of items so needless to say I got into a heated discussion with the lady, was told to call her boss (which i never did), and I cancelled my entire order. My mower is still without the parts, I thought about trying to use Gravely parts because I'm so mad at Lesco right now, but if you have a store nearby i'll pick them up and use $5.00 in gas instead of $30.00 in shipping. Anyway I think I got screwed and I think that the other merchandise should have had free shipping, especially since it was only two springs and a safety cover, which cost less than five dollars combined. Oh well I'm keeping an open mind and I'll give you another shot.
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    Thanks for bringing up this issue. Please do me a favor and either call me (216/706-5155) or email me personally ( so that we can discuss this issue further and get it resolved to your satisfaction.

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    Glad to see lesco caring about their customers, thats why I only shop at Lesco.

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