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    Let me say just 3 words
    John Deere Landscapes ( formely Century Rain Aid) These guys are great most have been with the Co. for years and have a great amount of expirence in design and will let you know what the local standards of the industry are in your area. I wouldnt consider going to Slowes or Home Cheapo only in the case that I screwed up a forgot a fitting or a chunk of pipe. I just love going in there and listening to those Morons that work there recomend how to install a system. really made me nervous when a customer asked them for a back flow preventer and they handed him a check valve for a shallow well. When he said it didint look like his neighbors the sales associate said we recomend these all the time for sprinkling systems and it is cheaper! You are only as good as your education in this field, and they offer frequent educational classes by certified irrigation specialist across the country. Check'em out. Having them in my court took my business from a couple thousand bucks a year to a couple thousand bucks in my pocket per job. Also if you got the time Read all ofHB Foxes post's this guy know's his _ _ _ _ Well you fill in the Blanks
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    Yep, the man knows irrigation. I look forward to all of your comments on my questions though.

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    We used to use T-birds and went to the 5000's. We won't use anything else. Also like the 3500's. Rain-Bird is the only way to go but not from a home improvement store..

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