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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, May 31, 2005.

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    I buy from 3 different suppliers, and found out one, United Green Mark, just got bought out by John Deere. Any good/bad feedback would be nice. I think JD might carry a wider range of supplies, and with their buying power, prices might be a little better. Any ideas?

    Also wanted to know what your suppliers have done for you above and beyond just supplying parts. One of the three I buy from has just been recently, and I don't buy tons there.
    But of the other two:
    One store manager lives across the street from me so if I need something for first appointment in morning, he will bring it home. Great guy!!! Been in the industry forever.
    Went with sales guy and 3 other contractors to the Eagle pipe plant in Nebraska. Took an RV, drove there, toured the plant, went to dinner, then nudie bar, then bird hunting next day, and stopped at Cabelas on way home. Loved that trip!!!
    Flown out to Utah to tour the Orbit plant. Nothing major but still fun.
    Flown out to California for a few days to the Unique Lighting plant. Learned their way of design and install. Did a demo near the owners home. Went to dinner, drank lots of free beer.
    Been taken to Colorado Rockies and Avalanche games.
    One used to get season tix to local minor league baseball and have tix up on the counter - first come, first served.
    Plus they send me repair calls when they come in to the store
    The typical BBQs, donuts (although I don't eat them anymore), lunches are all cool to. One counter guy has a mom who owns a Mexican restaurant. She came in for Cinco de Mayo and made up tons of breakfast burritos. Mmmmmmmmm..........

    These guys take care of me. And I'm not a high volume buyer since we only do repairs and service work. Hopefully JD will keep all of the guys from the one store, and still provide same service and pricing.
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    I buy from them. They are very good around here. I am happy with their pricing...

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