Supply Yard Pics

Gene $immons

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Hello! Would any of you be willing to show some pics of your supply yards? I am expanding my operation to a larger piece of land, and have been considering opening a supply yard.

I was also wondering if this opens up a whole new set of rules regarding the sales tax reporting off of what you are selling.



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Hampton, NH
here is a pic of my sand/salt and salt pile. I plan to have mulch, loam and stone next year setup in the same type bins.



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West Haven, CT
Hi -

If you go to the Soundview link in my signature, there are plenty of pictures throughout the website. If you go to the Company Info section, and click on pictures (on the right side) there are some more. The pictures show the yard, nursery, bins, piles, and some equipment. The pictures are a couple of years old, but they are ok. A couple show how we have set up the yard, and can have 4 trailers offload mulch at one time. This is pretty useful, especially in the Spring. That layout, with a lot of space near the main bins can allow 1/2 dozen contractors to line up at one time without being in the way of each other. We also made the building drive through for loading hardgoods, but we found that it is easier to have guys back into whichever bay holds the product.