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Hey guys, Chuck really doesn't ever ask much of us for the FREE use of this great forum. Anyways, I rarely click on banner ads but one caught my eye the other day. It is an internet answering machine, I downloaded it and have used it a couple of times, it is free, easy to download and install, and works great. I notice the banner is there again this morning (Sunday) the name of the company is Callwave. Just think you may miss the big call that you have been waiting for if you don't download this software. Just thought I'd pass along this info.


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I tried that, downloaded and everything, called the phone co. and they told me it wasn't in my area yet so I couldn't use it. I agree, click on the ads now and then so the sponsors will know your interested.<p>Homer

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That's a good idea. <br>Here are some others:<p>. send a check to Bill Phagan because he's got some great ideas and he supports the site. Buy his stuff, attend one of his seminars, visit his website. <p>. send a check to Lawrence Stone, he's got insight, creative abilities, he's well read, <br>a unique sense of humor, and can duel with the best of em at this site. I think Stone should write a book. If he does, I'll help him promote it. It'll be a best seller.<p>. send a check to Chuck especially. Hate to nag about it, but without him, this &quot;fortune&quot; of great ideas just wouldn't be here. If I knew you guys did that, I'd know that all this effort wasn't wasted, and that the right guy, got his just due.<p>. check out the profiles, who's been posting the most? send them a check, they are doing all the work.<p>. Me? I don't need any more money. I've got more things going than you could shake a stick at .. but if you want to send money, redirect it to Chuck, not me.<p>. The rest of those banners up there? They are just strangers. Help out Chuck he's your friend so what's the spin on that? Talking heads are aplenty. <p>Phil N<br>