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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Dalen Hawkins, Mar 17, 2014.


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    Nothing like having car parts in the kitchen!:dancing:
  2. RedSox4Life

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    Is this you?

  3. neblawncare23

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    Lol! Very interesting story!
  4. Dalen Hawkins

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    Haha, thanks buddy! Not sure I'd go that far, though! lol But I honestly believe in the whole "it's who you know rather than what you know." 90% of you guys probably know more about horticulture than me and can bust out work twice as fast as me/my first employees currently can but that just means there's a higher learning curve but I like the challenge. If you look at huge corporations rise to get where they are it's usually because of financial backing and a network of investors who don't know a thing about how the company even works....but they do believe in and trust the person they're giving their money to. Now that company is able to take more risks at less risk than small companies and just keep on growing with proper management. Not anymore do I have to worry about food, rent, family, vehicle/equipment payments, monthly bills, etc because I believe in myself and have others in the right place that do also.

    Oh, and here's a cheesy facebook selfie so you guys can put a face to the name.


    Speaking of an odd choice in vehicles, I thought my setup was different but then I spotted this Range Rover work truck at Lowe's today. lol

  5. MDHomeSVCS

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    There's lots of us out there that use what some might consider odd...

    Here is mine I use for this has the power and a hitch, so why not?

  6. Dalen Hawkins

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    Yes! I remember seeing you post that picture before. Good looking Cayenne!
  7. pdreibels

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    Im not impressed...I need to see a red plow hanging off the front of that thing.
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  8. LibertyFarmLandscaping

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    I don't always cut grass but when I do I either drive my dune buggy or my Mercedes with no doors to the job....
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  9. S-205

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    Quote of the day :laugh:
  10. Dalen Hawkins

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    Hey, it has the doors back on now! lol And of course if I need a truck or land a bunch of accounts that need bagged then I'll get a truck. Until then I'm just gonna use the Mercedes to tow my enclosed and use my Tacoma as a backup for clippings if necessary. Instead of spending $15-20k on a used truck now, I'm just going to wait and see if my plans for a custom box truck will make sense once I get a feel of how I want to operate the company in the future.

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