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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Dalen Hawkins, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Dalen Hawkins

    Dalen Hawkins LawnSite Member
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    Well, the front of the office is almost finished!! Still need to hang the small "SERVICES INC" letters under the big "SURE" sign. I had painted "WEEKLY LAWN CARE STARTING AT $28" using window art paint but I apparently suck at art so now I'm in the process of scraping it all off the windows and just getting more vinyl made instead. lol Anyways, I think it's coming together really well!

  2. PA GrassChoppers

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    from PA
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    It seems like you are going to be a solo operator? Are you going to hire someone to work in the office or is it more of an advertisement? Just curious.
  3. Dalen Hawkins

    Dalen Hawkins LawnSite Member
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    I've got two guys that already work for the property management company that are doing some work for this business also. I just started this one not even 2 months ago so I don't have enough work yet to sustain even one full timer. Right now I'm doing the office work, scheduling, organizing, bidding, marketing, taking the calls, still getting things figured out, etc while the guys are out doing basic mow/trim/blow accounts using my Tacoma just 2-3 days a week so far. I'm picking up customers faster than I expected so within the next couple weeks I want to get out there myself along with one maybe two guys just to knock out work faster and learn how to make them (and me) more efficient.

    Within 2-3 years I plan to be completely out of the field so I can work on the business and not in it.
  4. Dalen Hawkins

    Dalen Hawkins LawnSite Member
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    You guys were right... lol I switched from using the Tacoma over to my SUV last week and after only 3 days I realized it sucked not being able to just throw whatever in the bed like we did with the Tacoma. Also my enclosed was disgusting by the end of the day with bush remnants and tree twigs all over everything. I originally thought our client base would be 80% lawn care and 20% landscaping but it's been the exact opposite, haha. So all weekend I went out looking for a decent crew cab and found exactly what I wanted in the price range I was looking for. Getting company logos made for it this week! Oh, and don't mind my facebook's the only pic of it so far. lol

  5. Ethan51

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    good looking Ford man! Also I am a major fan of the Merc
  6. jbell36

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    gotta say, i'm very impressed…and confused…yet still very impressed. You sound very smart. Your business plan, from how you got started to your future goals, were very well thought out. Finding investors coming from a guy with nothing is a hard feat, yet you did it. That right there is the most impressive part of this story. There is no logical reason why anyone with money would invest in you, yet you found a way and persuaded them with your enthusiasm. It's hard enough to have confidence in yourself when you are at zero let alone the investors having confidence in you. You've been through a lot. I don't usually like sob stories or feel sorry for anyone because most of the time they are simply looking for attention. Yours just seems too genuine, from your personal life issues to your business plan.

    I wish you the best, you have a great mindset.
  7. Dalen Hawkins

    Dalen Hawkins LawnSite Member
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    Thanks, jbell! You sound positive! Positivity is the epicenter of greatness and leadership. With influence and power we become great entities and with positiveness we create great leadership which leads to more leaders!
  8. Dalen Hawkins

    Dalen Hawkins LawnSite Member
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    Also, rarely burn bridges between customers. I've learned that the hard way was going in thinking my customers need us. No, there's always another company! I might charge $28 for our entry price but I know there's a guy out seeking only $24/hr minimum and it sucks but it's part of business.
  9. Dalen Hawkins

    Dalen Hawkins LawnSite Member
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    Whoa, I was smashed Sunday... I barely remember posting those last two posts at 1am. lol

    Anyways, got the truck and trailer hooked up today and organized the trailer more. I'll post pics when I get done. Also sent over my logo designs and graphics files so I should have some advertising on them by the end of the week!

  10. HPSInc

    HPSInc LawnSite Senior Member
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    There seems to be nothing typical about the way your going about all of this. I'm curious of so many things right now lol. I hope you stick around and update often Im very interested to see how this works out for you.

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