Surface footer - does one exist?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Hutch1, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Hutch1

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    Been lurking for a while, now I've got a question. I'm working on completing the landscaping on a couple caul de sacs in a new development, and the plan calls for 2 masonary walls at the entrance. These aren't retaining walls, just free standing, they will be of brick with cap stones (approx. 5' H x 9' L).

    Here's the problem. Come to find the location is on an easement that has a gas line, so the city wont allow for a footer to be dug. Now my brother-in-law recalls receiving some literature on a surface type footer that can be used for just such an application, but can't recall the details. Is anyone familiar with any type of "surface" footer? We're in zone 5. Any details and/or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
  2. ChampionLS

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    Dig by hand. The gas line should be at least 3' down, and most likely, you'll find a trench filled with sand, and possibly a caution tape buried with it. Dig as deep as you need to install a suitable base.
  3. gammon landscaping

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    if they don't want you digging footers that means that they don't want a wall there, you need to talk to the boss and straighten this out
  4. Hutch1

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    The plan is to talk to the city, I just want to be prepared with options when I do. They may allow us to build a wall over the easement, from what I understand in talking to the home owners association, the issue may be in allowing us to dig the footer.
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    A footer over a gas pipe should not be a problem depending on how deep the pipe is. I used to be a commercial new construction plumber and we would have to dig under footers all the time to install pipe and it was never a problem to have a footer over one of our pipes either. Talk to the city or township plumbing inspector and find out exactly why they say no. If you do get approval, get the gas company to mark it AND a set of as-builts for the gas pipe in that area. Cover your a**

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