Surface rust on skid steers?

Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by Mr. Rain, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Looking for a solution for rust/tarnish on exposed metal fittings, etc, on our skid steers that are used for snow removal. Riding on the trailers, they get road spray and salt and look pretty rough by the end of winter, even when we wash them regularly. Is FF an option for this problem? If so, how often would I expect to have to reapply?
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    That would be an excellent application for the product. If it is just light surface rust, it could just come off with one application of Fluid Film. As far as road spray and salt, Fluid Film creates a barrier that cuts off oxygen, keeping metals corrosion free. If you want to hose off the surface after treating with Fluid Film, just don't power wash. A regular hose wash at about 30psi won't have enough pressure to remove the product, just whatever grime or salt is sticking.

    It's hard to give an estimate on when to reapply. You will know it is time when there is no longer a shine to the surface. Let me put it this way: If you were to coat a plow and just leave it indoors, the product could still be there three years later. If you were to coat a plow and leave it sitting outdoors in full exposure, Fluid Film would last from two to three months. Once you are actively engaged, it is hard to say because of environmental conditions and time of use.

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    trial an error is the best way to figure it out there mr. rain. like dano said you'll know when it's time, an application of ff on the rams/pistons on my plows lasts all year, a coat on the backside of the blade pretty much lasts all year too, the front side i tend to recoat in between storms but a quick look/feel will tell me if it's necessary or not :)
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    Thanks for the input, Skynyrd!

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