surfactant and atrazine

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jds912, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. jds912

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    Do any of ya'll use a surfactant in your atrazine apps. ? If so, what kind, how much? I use surfactant in almost all my post emergence herbicide apps. Never used it with atrazine. Label does not say anything about adding or not adding surfactant. I have been using 4L. Like to hear your thoughts, experiences.
  2. WestGaPineStraw

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    We have never ran a surfactant with Atrazine or Simazine. The old label on Atrazine had the restriction on surfactants and adjuvants, I do not see it on the label now.

    I would not suggest adding a surfactant. Make sure you have a lot of defoam.
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  3. windflower

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    I think plants pick it up by roots. A surfactant wouldn't be much help.
  4. greendoctor

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    Yes, don't. Not unless you understand what happens when atrazine or simazine is absorbed through leaves. What that happens, not much difference between it and Sencor. Expect yellow grass and maybe even burned tips. I have done it, with the full understanding of possible side effects and the grass growing under ideal conditions. Farmers do it as a directed spray limiting contact with the growing points of the corn or sugarcane.
  5. jds912

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    Thanks for the replies. I have not used atrazine all that much. Most of my yards don't have that many winter weed issues. Nothing trimec southern or a few other herbicides would not eliminate. I do have a few yards with annual bluegrass. Dimension is marginal at best, atrazine seems to work much better. the worst annual bluegrass is actually in a predominantly St. Augustine yard that has a 50 sq. ft section of common Bermuda. the blue grass comes up in the Bermuda, which I cant treat with atrazine upon poa annua germination because I am afraid I will kill the Bermuda and leave a nasty bare spot all winter. I have been using manor at the high rate for pretty decent control. I can only use it once per season at the rate I use so I have to wait until I have a decent stand of poa annual. Dimension applied at the high rate in the same area once the average soil temp at 2 inches drops below 70 degrees for more than 3 days has marginal control. I am going to apply atrazine to the area in a few days to see what happens, The Bermuda is not fully dormant. We shall see.
  6. greendoctor

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    One application of atrazine might yellow the bermuda for a month, but do not get the idea it will kill it. I do know that healthy St Augustine will tolerate Revolver at 20 oz per acre and you have no problems using it on bermuda.
  7. ArTurf

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    If you are worried about harming the Bermuda consider simazine.
  8. georgialawn88

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    jds, theres a pre out called specticle that guarantees no poa. ur too late this yr but something to think about for next
  9. greendoctor

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    Depending on the soil, it can be less mobile as well. Which is a good thing.

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