surfactants which one is better

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by steve's total lawn care, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. steve's total lawn care

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    Hey everyone, which surfactant is good ive used many in my past from chemsurf 90 to surfking,baron, the only difference is they are all expensive. What about the cheaper surfactants like from atwoods or other places? I have noticed the drexel surfactant is the same exact thing as activator90 from agrium but with a much cheaper pricetag so what does everyone think about all this?

    IXINRGIXI LawnSite Senior Member
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    Weather you huys think im nuts is up to you but as cheap as I am I use a little laundry detergent in my chemical mix. I works really well to be honest and it smells really good to .... also keep I mind I do a ton of spot spraying but never had a problem with it affecting the grass at all

    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    So what is expensive ? The only product i use is WEX it works great and cost about $6 a acre i buy it buy 30 gal drum

    In the skid i use 32 oz per acre in my T i use a lot less

    I did use a prouduct at a goulf course they bought it so don't know the cost and don't remember the name seemed to work good. I sprayed weeds in june and 99% of them were gone

    Charles Cue
  4. fbfd1610

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    80/20 from Atwoods works just fine and it's cheap. Been using it for last couple of years with good results.
  5. RigglePLC

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    At low volume skid sprayer, ride-on, backpack, or hand sprayer--the cost is almost non-significant. The main cost is the time and labor to apply the chemicals. Use plenty of surfactant. Use plenty of herbicide, too, maximum rate--let the chemical do the work. You don't want to have to spray them weeds twice.

    Remember surfactants are usually mixed not on a per acre or per thousand sqft basis--but rather--on a volume per volume basis...two quarts per hundred gallons is typical.

    When spraying at high volumes of final solution, like 2 to 3 gallons per thousand sqft, surfactant cost becomes high--sometimes as much as the herbicide itself. You may be mixing 2 quarts of surfactant, and 2 quarts of a three-way in a hundred gallons. In that case, I see it as perfectly OK if you wish to substitue a cheaper product.
  6. jgrs7

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    i have heard this before also. how much do you put per tank?
  7. steve's total lawn care

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    jgrs7 right now we r using surfking from winfield solutions at 1 quart per 100 gals of water. but heres the kicker one 2.5 gal jug costs 76 bucks thats more then what i pay for some of my post emergents thats high for just surfactant.
  8. steve's total lawn care

    steve's total lawn care LawnSite Member
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    riggleplc i like your take on this i have been wanting to try the surfactant from atwoods its called ac 820 or something like that drexel makes it, and the cost is real cheap about 30 bucks per 2.5 gals of this stuff and has the same chemical makeup of the more expensive brands. And it calls for 1 quart per 100 gals of water. But i dont like buying something if its not going to work cant afford the callbacks.
  9. greendoctor

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    If you are talking about Three Way bought in bulk, yes the surfactant can cost more than the herbicide. I normally spray at 40-50 gallons per acre. Most of what I am applying to a lawn will cost anywhere from $50-150 per acre just for the herbicides. At that point, I am thinking about two things: One, it is costly to have a treatment failure due to inadequate or incorrect surfactants. Two, many products are labeled such that you only get two applications in a growing season. The EPA has not made exemptions for regions with long or year round growing season. So whatever I do has to work the first time.
  10. RigglePLC

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    If you run into the two applications per season limit--you have to switch to Horsepower or Lesco Eliminate--MCPA, triclopyr, and dicamba--no 2,4-D.

    I am sure there are other products without 2,4-D.

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