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Discussion in 'Great Dane' started by MastercutzLawnCareII, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. MastercutzLawnCareII

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    I have a 52" surfer with a 15hp briggs engine, is seems like after you run it for a few minutes the motor is running way to hot, I know its air cooled and all but it just seems to me that its getting a lot hotter than it shoud. Has anyone every had or heard of this kind of problem, I checked the cooling fins on the motor, none of them are broken and all seem to be in good shape, any more suggestions as to why its wanting to heat up so much?
  2. djp

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    An air cooled does put out some heat. If you think it is excessive you should take it to your local dealer and let them check it out. It's better to be safe then sorry.


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