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surfer II or wright rapid height?


LawnSite Member
Nashville, TN
ive seen tons of posts related to the old designs, how about the new designs. does anyone have experience with both machines to share? when did the surfer 2 come out? my dealer sells both but is pushing me toward the dane.

Lawn Enforcement FM

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Fort Myers FL
I have not used either, but considered the Wright and did searches on both. The Wright seemed to have better reviews from what I read. I would think twice about buying a Dane, only because they were bought out by Everride. Not questioning the Everride Quality( I own a Warrior), but the concern that the Danes will disappear. Everride is redoing the Surfer and calling it the Scorpion. It seems to me that your dealer might just want to be selling off his inventory. But as many have said, Demo both and go with your gut feeling.


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I have used 52" Wright Standers for a year and half. They aren't the rapid height, but maybe my experience can help. I've also used Super Surfers for about 3 months. I don't know if they are the Surfer II or not, they were bought in July of 2005. I've commented on them both in other threads, but the only positive thing I have to say about the Great Dane is the suspension footplate. In every other category the Wright is better, if not far better. The Wrights are much better on hills, the Great Danes tend to loose traction easily. Maneuvarability is much higher on the Wright. The longer frame of the Great Dane is very noticable. You can't turn it around quickly like you can with a Stander. The cut isn't as good as the Wright. The controls are too far forward on the Great Dane, and the kill switch is located on the controls, which I don't like. I find it to be ackward to have the control move up while you're mowing.

These aren't the exact mowers you were wondering about, but they are close, and I wouldn't even think about getting a Super Surfer. They aren't in the same league as the Stander.

Hard Worker

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East Tennessee
I've owned a GD Gen II for over a year and have had excellent experience with it, even when it broke within the first week I had it. I had a wheel motor to loose a seal, the manufacturer rep. immediately replaced it under warranty no questions asked and I was back in business the next morning.

I realize your probably getting confused reading all the different posts but my advice would be to demo both of the units and pick which one feels the most comfortable. I can mow all day long standing up and feel no unusual fatigue or soreness from riding. I believe you would be happy with either one. Just my .03 cents worth.