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surfer question


LawnSite Senior Member
I also have this posted somewhere else in the forum but no one new the answer so I am trying here.

I found a guy that has a great dane surfer for sale at a really good price. He claims it is a 61 inch deck. I have been looking at these mowers for about 2 years now thinking about buying one and I have never seen one this big. I looked on the great dane web site and the biggest they show is a 52 inch.

The mower is about 2 hours away so instead of making a useless drive to see it, I wanted to ask on here. Does anyone know if great dane really makes a surfer this size? I am thinking that maybe its really old although he says it’s a 2007 or he is confusing the deck size with another mower?


LawnSite Member
I have 3 of the surfers. Two older fixed deck surfers and had one super surfer series II. I tried out one 61 inch cut for over a week and it did not suit my needs. 61 inch deck was alot of to work with on uneven ground. I was constantly having to watch the deck over hang to keep from scalping. On flat ground it was impressive. Some may argue my reasons but the 52 surfer is a great setup. I also would of liked to seen a slightly larger tire on the 61 deck for added traction. I am partial to the surfers because that is what I started out with. I've had two turf tracers and own a scag walkbehind now and as far as cutting, user fatigue and productivity, I'll run a surfer. I've never ran another style stand-on so I cant compare. Dealer support in my area is top notch.