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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by RigglePLC, May 21, 2007.

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    I tried some Surge with sulfentrazone in a vacant lot where I do an occasional weed test. Worked great on chickweed and ground ivy using a hand sprayer. I soaked it good. Now there is no grass in that spot. I suspect somewhere between two and three times regular strength--it kills the grass.

    You have been warned.
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    Have you tried Octane. It is new and provides excellent control of these two weeds with outstanding tolerance to turfgrass. It is a contact herbicide that works very fast. Best mixed with a systemic for complete kill, but the Octane will give provide extremely quick results for you. You can click on the button to the right of this page for more info. Just introduced to the market within the past few months and really taking off for SePRO.

    Thanks for the info. on Surge.

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    We used surge on a lawn last week not at 3 times the rate but at normal lower rate have not seen that yard yet. But i saved enough to do a small plot on my property on grass that was getting a little on the dry side and it did not harm the grass at all . We had rain 5 days after the application

    just my experience
    charles cue
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    I got burned this week. Normal rate with hand sprayer on irrigated lawn 80 degrees. Lots of damage hope it comes back but dought it on a seeded lawn I also sprayed. I've read that low humidity may have caused it. Ouch it hurts to make those phone calls. Not sure what to do besides never spray again in the summer although last summer I had no problems.
  5. Think Green

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    Had some issues with Surge a couple months ago.
    The temps can't be too high with humidity...........It will fry that grass.
    Since I am in the South.....warm season grasses are affected big time.

    I am doing some research with the half-life of the likes of Sulfentrazone--Carfentrazone--Quinclorac. It doesn't look pretty for these safer chemicals to be used with those half lifes and mixing it stronger for higher weed pressure.
  6. greendoctor

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    Enjoy your sulfentrazone and quinclorac while you can. Hawaii deems both of those herbicides surface and groundwater pollutants. I do not know how those got past the regulatory agencies in other states. Of course NY is the other state to ban it. The half life of sulfentrazone is long enough for it to be used as a bare ground industrial and right of way herbicide. I was surprised to find out that it can be used on established turf. Surge does not look like something I would want to use in my area either. It is amine and there is MCPP in it.
  7. Think Green

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    Thank you!!--Each time that I get the info. on a new product entering into the market for turf, the first thing that I do is look up the active ingredients and cross-reference them to check for their half-life.
    I hashed this response out before in another forum about the use of Q-4 that was sent to me by mail. My old lawn had shade grasses in the back, and at that time, the label was small and I feel misrepresented. I sprayed the back area to kill clover--lawn ivy--and pennywort. Within a day, the stuff starting to curl and die.............I thought wow! This could be the chem for me!! As I walked from the back lawn to the front lawn, my darn backpack hose slipped off the nib and the stuff leaked onto my bermuda lawn. You know, I had to get that backpack off quick to keep from getting Q-4 all over me and my pants. Needless to say, the whole 2 gallons left leaked into the area of my bermuda. Within 2 days, the bermuda was a hollow spot with completely nothing but soil left. Complete melt down!! I called PBI Gordon's to inquire about the spill on my bermuda. They couldn't really answer any questions on the chem because it wasn't suposed to be used down in the South they told me!!??? They asked me if I had read the label, and I replied yes, it is in my favor since I am licensed to spray, and that they were the one's who sent it to me to try out. I told them that the label didn't mention anything about not using it on Bermuda and Zoysia turf. The person told me that it was being tested on Southern grass's but no results were obtained yet.??????
    Anyway, I tossed the stuff in the shed and forgot about it.
    Now, you can go to the consumer stores---Lowe's and Home depot and purchase a Spectracide product called Weedstop weed killer plus Crabgrass killer. The product contains the materials in Q-4 but maybe not in the same strength but it will do the same damage on Southern grasses as Q-4.??
    Each year that I go to my recirtification seminars, the reps are drilling these new products into the concrete as being the "New Safer Chemicals for lawns"??? If so, then why is it killing certain turf and why is it sold down south?? Yatta--Yatta! The speeeel goes on and the words are wasted on hot air balloons.! If the EPA is allowing these ingredients to pass into the market with little or no real research, then I can't call them safer chemicals either............I don't care how good they work for cool season turf. The unbilical cord still reaches the southern market and we are the one's whom suffer for the afteraffects. These products have been used in Asia and the Middle East but who are they to test the stuff on the products that we import from them.?? I surmise that we are just guinnea pigs for the slaughter anyway.....!! We are the only real test subjects these corporate engineers have to go on with improving their products. But after so many destroyed acres and dead lawns, maybe they will get the hint to stop producing it for the turf market.
    With the embargo being levied on MSMA to come out soon here, I can't wait to see what they will try to sell us next.!

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