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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by eclairagepaysager, Jun 10, 2014.

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    Just wanted to start a fresh tread on surge protection.

    What are you using/doing to protect as much as possible your lighting system?

    My thoughts are that you can't do much if lightning strikes fixtures first. But you can prevent it from going back into the house and do more damage.

    Obviously you can install a surge protector at the panel to prevent a surge from the power line from doing more damage further down on your electrical circuits including the one your landscape lighting system is on.

    Your thoughts?
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    Surge protection is an absolute MUST Have here in rural Muskoka where our electrical infrastructure is generally dated. Surges, spikes and most notably transients have played havoc on all types of lighting systems for years. From helping to preserve the most basic of incandescent lamp filaments to stopping transients from reaching more delicate LED drivers, proper surge protection is highly recommended. I have even seen the addition of surge arrest equipment solve a problem where HID lamps installed in a large retail store were failing prematurely. Once the surge arrest equipment was installed, the HID lamps performed to specification.

    For years now I have encouraged all of my clients to have whole panel surge arrest units installed if they did not already have them. I am hesitant to install a new outdoor lighting system without them. Most residential panel manufacturers make whole panel surge protection devices and you can always rely upon Intermatic Panel Guard products to do the job. If whole panel surge protection is not an option, then I will install a small point source plug in arrestor at each transformer. This is not ideal, but it does work to some degree.

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