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    I used some new Surge with sulfentrazone on some chickweed and some ground ivy on a vacant lot 2 weeks ago. Worked great. Killed some overwintering nutsedge, too. But then i noticed there wasn't much grass left.

    Does anybody have any information or experience regarding sulfentrazone, as Surge--or on carfentrazone as Speedzone or Quicksilver, regarding possible injury to the grass?

    Any ideas Tremor, Runner, Ric?
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    Ive used surge for 2 years now out of a pg magnum, and havent had any problems. What kind of grass was it used on and all that other stuff? Ive had it burn fescue when mixed with a sticker and it was warm and a tad dry, but nothing that was permenant. it was back to normal in a week.
  3. RigglePLC

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    Well Pro,
    if you had a problem on fescue--fine fescue or tall fescue? At what rate?

    My experience was with a hand sprayer. So rate is difficult to determine--perhaps I sprayed slow and went a little heavy--double strength maybe.

    Grass was Kentucky blue and rye. Temperatures 50 to 60. Some leaf blades turned yellow. I noticed some burn and brown leaves on quackgrass.
  4. profigala

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    this was at 1.5 oz/1000 on turf type tall fescue, and the temps were in the low 80's, there was a chance of rain that never came and thats why i used the sticker, but like i said it was a temporary brown tip that was completely gone in a week. My experience with Surge is that it has been very forgiving as far as temperatures and mixing it that hot, without any sticker ive never had any problems. I have had lawns that were mixed with rye and the rye had some problems but never died, same as above tips browned but was green again in a few days. Only happens when we get into the low 80, then we will drop to 1.2 oz/1000, and prob solved.
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    I have never used Surge or Speedzone so I looked up the label in both T & O and Ag sites. After Reading the Label of a sulfentrazone product, I see it controls Fescue. I actually found an Ag Label first and read where it is used before planting Trees. After Reading the Surge label from Gordon's I see it is a 4 way with Sulfentrazone being the 4th ingredient at a very low percentage. Upon reading the Label I saw no where it said for control of Sedge but in the Product information sheet it did say Suppression on Young emerging sedge. What that tells me is it Burns the top but doesn't control the Sedge.

    Another thing to consider in a vacant lot might possible be a large number of weeds in the turf that were controlled, leaving a very sparse ground cover of grass.

    Quicksilver I have used with success at a lower rate and one gallon per thousand finish spray. However I have burned a yard on a picky customer who was not happy two weeks after the first application of Quicksilver. The second treatment which I knew better than to do, but just wanted to shut the lady up, Caused a set back to the turf for a few months. It did not kill the turf.

    Sorry I can not be more helpful and only guessing at this point.
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    I've used both Surge and Speedzone extensively with nothing but great results. Since you were using a hand-sprayer, maybe you did go really heavy on the amount of AI applied. I'm a fanatic about calibration, so I don't think I've ever pushed the limits with either of those products.
    I can tell you from experience that the Sulfentrazone in Surge has suppressed Yellow Nutsedge for the rest of the year once I've sprayed it. It does come back the following year though.
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    what is the price you guys are paying for spurge?

  8. RigglePLC

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    I was quoted $124 for 2.5 gallons. Still shoping, though.
  9. profigala

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    im getting surge at around 112 for 2.5 gal from john deere.

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