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  1. Dave

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    Give me the model&type,so I can see what ype of carb it uses,One thing you can try is to undue the thottle cable ,run the engine until warm,then hold the thotlle shaft at the carb at midrange,if it hunts then its the carb leaned out, if it doesn.t its the gov or linkage
  2. vipermanz

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    here we go:

    model 10a902
    type 2291 b1
    code 9910125

    b&s quattro

    if i hold the vane arm it runs normal
  3. Robert Doubrava

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    Your engine was made in October 12, 1999, and assembled at manufacturing plant #5. Thats how to read the code on your engine. First two #'s : Year
    Second two#'s : Month
    Third two #'s : Day
    Last two #'s : Assembly line and manufacturing plant.
    That's some good info. I got from There's a place on the website that'll even tell you what spark plug you should use in your engine. It says the reccommended plug you should be using is " RJ19LM or J19LM" It's the same one I'm using on my rider, push mower, and edger.
  4. Dave

    Dave LawnSite Senior Member
    from RI
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    I looked at your motor the screen,If you hold the thottle shaft on the carb while its running ,as I stated before ,it should be the govener spring,I would start there,BS#690251 yellow spring,This is the procedure that briggs tells you do do if the engine is hunting,my gut felling is, if you have not played with the spring is that you have crap in the pickup tube of the carb.From what I have seen this is a plastic carb ,no adjustments ,made to run lean anyway.the carb list for about 20.00.bs498811,if you have the capilbility undu it off the tank and blow it out with air,do not try to clean it out with a wire as you will screw up the main jet let me know how you makeout,you metioned that you removed the flywheel cover and chk the vane???
  5. lawncare

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    After u try the other remedies clean out gas tank and check carb it may have a little water in it you do this by taking off carb bowl and pour gas in clear jar if water n carb it will float to bottom if so rbuild carb and clean gas tank.
  6. Fish

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    Your problem is not gov related, but air/fuel related.
  7. vipermanz

    vipermanz LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i went along the whole carb and tightened screws on the carb itself, and it helped it Some, it still does it cut i will give it another go-over later.
  8. John DiMartino

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    The carb is adjusted to lean,you have to richen it up slightly,I bet it gets better as it warms up,and it real bad when its cold,this will confirm the carb being lean.Do not touch the governor,it is just trying to keep the engien running a steady speed,but cant because the carb wont run in the midrange,so it gives it more,then less throttle to keep the rpms' up.
  9. vipermanz

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    well, it runs fine for the first 20 seconds on a cold start, then it starts hunting worse and worse:confused:

    there also seems to be no needle adjuster either:confused:
  10. Fish

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    Stop by a mower shop and get diaphragm kit #495770 and go
    through your carb and clean out the tank. While you have the
    carb/tank off inspect the intake tube across the top for cracks
    or looseness.

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