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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by XH2Oskier, Aug 13, 2003.

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    After reading up on fertilizers on this forum, I had almost begun to think every private lawncare professional in the country didn't think much of TruGreen/Chemlawn, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

    I made several failed attempts to hire a company to fix the grading mistakes the city made when they installed my sidewalk, but I finally seem to have come across someone who will give me a straight answer (and do so in perfect English).

    I preferred to stick to organic fertilizers, but realize the lawn has gotten so bad under the "care" of the previous "professional," that chemical fertilizers would probably be needed to get the lawn under control. Still, I didn't want to have to mow my grass every three days. The guy I hired says he can not only fix the washed-out ruts in my lawn, but he will guarantee his work (unlike the last guy). When I asked about fertilizing, he told me I was better off hiring Chemlawn, as they could get the lawn turned around much quicker than he could.
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    Regarding your user id, do you not water ski anymore? I used to ski quite a bit. Had a 1990 Prostar 190, yellow/platinum - beautiful boat. My wife had back problems though, and we weren't using it much so I sold it. Biggest mistake I ever made - boy do I miss that boat, and skiing!

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    2 years from now ,let us know how great it looks .
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    One of two things can come from that . You will get ghosted or have fun mowing 3 times a week.
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    Several years ago when I started posting on message boards, I used this name because my work forced me to give up skiing. Fortunately, I'm back at it, but for the sake of continuity, I kept the name on all the boards I post on (including I don't know what "ghosting" means, but I will be using the same company my neighbor has used for the past five years and his lawn always looks spectacular.....although I'd rather spend my time skiing than mowing :(
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    I love to ski. Do it 3 times a week at like 6 am when the water is flat and just like glass. ski off a skinautique
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    Good fertilzer does not make grass grow faster/taller. The GOOD stuff is supposed to make grass grow thicker/wider blades and greener. Thickness is what will choke out weeds. If all your fertilizer does is make you mow more, you need to get better fertilizer.

    P.S. Been water skiing all of my life, great fun.
    18' AstroGlass Cheater SX BlackMax 150/V6. Better hold on!

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    I used to get to the lake around 6am to get good skiing in. In Minnesota, we had a couple of lakes that were primarily only ski boats on. It was great because the boats would line up and take turns, rather than everyone going in a circle around the lake creating big waves. When I moved to Texas, lakes were few and far between, so it was every boater for themselves. Since I've been out of it, it looks like wakeboarding has become the next biggest thing. I have to believe those boats make it awful tough on the other skiers, since the whole purpose is to throw a monster wake. I use to slalom ski when the water was glass, barefoot when the water was just a little choppy, and then kneeboard when I needed a break from the other 2. Of course I would always head out to open water areas for the kneeboarding. Sure do miss it.

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    I goofed on that Nautique link and the admins don't let you change a post after 10 minutes, so try this one instead-

    Wakeboarding has taken off, but wakesurfing is the next big trend and their wakes make wakeboarding wakes look like slalom wakes by comparison :blob3:

    I usually slalom until my arms are ready to fall off, then I hop on the wakeboard for a few more sets. I'd rather not give away the location of my spot, but it's climate not withstanding, it's probably one of the most ideal locations in the world as far as regular conditions and the attitude and makeup of the other boaters on the water. The water never gets rough, the wakes dissapate fast and fishermen are in the minority and they know it.

    Back to the grass, I will keep an eye on the thickness of my blades as the new fertilizer is laid down and report back the results.

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