survey for ALL(new guys, veteran guys, part time guys) the sealcoaters out there.

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  1. BIGBOY2008

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    The lowballers knock on doors and get plenty of work (usually do shoddy work done for a cheap price)...but they are managing to get plenty of work. Being as though its a proven method of getting work you better believe im also going to knock on doors.
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    hey guys i just joined the forum and have learned allot from reading the posts on here but to answer the burning question yes i do knock on doors but i don't knock on doors unless i am already there to do a job in that neighborhood i stick to my prices all i do is let the residents know we are there and give them a business card and fl yer with our information (i don't push the perspective customer)i have found it to be the best way because most will come and chase me down or call me before i get out of the area :walking:
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    In early spring we go around in The new subdivisions and put up door hangers. Information on The hanger includes reasons to sealcoat, how often you should / should not sealcoat and website/ contact information. This has worked to about a 50/50 success rate. Once a hanger has been hung in a subdivision two years in a row we no longer hang them there as quality of work, word of mouth, after work complete yard sign generate The return calls. Good customer service is and quality work is key and you will be succesfull.
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    We knock on doors on rain days that we dont have enough time before the rain starts. We always make sure people know that we are local and that our estimates are free.... Free to find out how much ---- It is surprising to find out how many people think its very expensive to get sealed. Its funny to see them when the price is 1/4 of what they think it should be....

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