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    Have any of you guys out there did a survey on your customers?

    For example; you service customers for lawn maintenance, hedge trimming, installation of plants, landscaping, sod installation?

    After you complete the job, you hand them a bill and give them a little survey asking how your company did on everything?

    Then you tell them once you fill it out and hand it in, you can win a free month of lawn service or something like that?

    Im thinking about doing that for my current customers and every new customer that uses my services.

    But my only concern is, I know they want to remain anoymous buthow can you remain anoymous when you send the survey??
  2. Burger

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    Best anonymous Method that comes to mind is Post cards with prepaid postage with your address all ready stamped on them, all they have to do is fill them out and drop them in the mail.
    However if it is anonymous, how will you pick a winner?
  3. alpine692003

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    Good question ...

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