suspected drug use

Discussion in 'Employment' started by sven1277, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Armsden&Son

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    That's what I'm saying....

    Opiates is a whole different ballgame brothers...

    And indeed it is opiates because the op mentioned something about pills...
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    Its a short season but performance reviews are great for monitoring employee progress. Anytime something goes wrong write them up. 3x pink slips and you are out. Not necessary to fire them but can. As long as there is a clear record of whats expected and a breech of these expectations overtime everyone can be terminated.

    What's everyones stance on recreational drug use such as marijuana? Especially now that its legal in some states.
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    You know, I was thinking about this the other day.

    I'm not against recreational marijuana, but it has no place in my company. If it were legal in my state, I would not hire anyone who did it. I was even thinking about possibly going smoke free.
  4. JLC Lawn Care

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    Ive been pondering the same thing. I had a great guy last year, he busted ass all season and I gave him a huge bonus at the end of the year because I was so impressed with his ethic and skill development. Well now I know for a fact that he is a frequent marijuana user, so I have mixed feelings on hiring him again....

    How exactly does mj affect performance, and especially driving? Im looking online right now and can't find a whole lot of info.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. ShredReady

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    If they're high on the job, nix them. If not, why create a problem where it doesn't exist, provided they're good employees? IMHO the only real complication is proving someone is stoned on the job. For some it's easy to hide and obviously they'll fail a UA even if they would never think of being high at work. I could see this being a liability problem in the event of an accident. Anyone have direct experience with this situation?
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    Weed After work... I've always been sorta don't ask don't tell, if the only way I can tell that the guy is using is by his piss and not by his performance than I'm good. I hired him to work hard, show up on time, I hired him.... not his piss. But if he is one of those guys who gets high before work and then gets angry at people or short tempered by noon time cause he needs to get high again then I don't need or want him around.

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