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    Ok, If I have been suspended or banned or something, an e-mail to let me know would have been great. Since either the board or an admin removed my ability to post AFTER I changed my e-mail, I can't understand why I didn't get something. Also, the comcast addy in the "contact us" section is a dead link. I am slightly frustrated here. I had to create a new account just to ask why I can't use my old name and account anymore.
  2. 1MajorTom

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    You are not suspended, nor banned.

    Your post tells me what happened. When you changed your email address, you are sent a link to that new email address. What you must do is click that link to re-confirim your registration.
    If you did not receive that link, sometimes it lands in the bulk folder.
    So the reason you couldnt post was because you never clicked that link.

    But now that you told me the problem, I will be able to clear this up for you.
    I'll bypass you having to click that link, and get you set up so you can post again.
  3. Sean Adams

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    That email address is working fine.

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