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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Coach, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Coach

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    Just had a suspension kit added to my seat. I have used it for a week and it has not provided the suspension that I thought it would. I will be contacting the dealer. Has anyone else used this suspension seat kit with any success?

  2. tacoma200

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    what brand of mower? The kit on my Exmark improved the ride considerably. I liked the full suspension seat on the Hustler and on Exmark. Most people I talked to liked the kit on the Exmark but it raises the seat up a little higher. Not familiar with John Deere kits but what I've heard was mostly positive. Check the air in you tires, run about 10 psi back and 8-9 front (if they are air filled). Thats about all you can do. The full suspension seat has a little firmer padding so that takes away some of the benefit. Michigan makes most of the full suspension seat but I guess each company has a kit for the regular seat. Also make sure you have it adjusted to your weight.
  3. Coach

    Coach LawnSite Member
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    I have a Exmark. I will try and lower the air psi to 10 libs. I have at 13 as recomended. Thanks. I used a mower with the full suspension seat. So I was hooked on having more comfort. I don't like the 3 in lift, But I am adjusting.

  4. tacoma200

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    You could always sell your seat on Ebay and use the money to off set the price of a new full suspension seat. They sell the exact same suspension seat at Northern tool for a bit over $300 but the bad thing is it's black. Same company makes it (Michigan Seat) and it is the same basic seat just no Exmark logo. Why they made them black I don't know. That would be hot in the Summer. I believe I would take it back and order the full suspension if your not happy. They are high but compared to how many hours you'll spend on the Exmark it's a bargin and like I said theres always a buyer for the old seat.
  5. cajuncreole

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    A company called Roho makes an air filled seat cushion. They normally make medical supplies but have an item called a truck seat cushion. I have bought one and use it in conjunction with my suspension seat and I am riding on air. I have recently become disabled and it has helped me immensely.
  6. I Have A Michigan Seat Company Suspension Seat For Sale, I'm New To This Site And Dont Know If I Can Sell Items Here Or Not. Thinking Of Selling On Ebay. Let Me Know If Anyone Out There Is Interested. Used About 100 Hours, Just Bought A Hustler Super Z With A Suspension Seat And I Kept My Old One To Sell. Full Suspension, Black With Armrests, No Rips Or Tears, Great Shape I Will Accept Paypal Thanks
  7. craglawnmanor

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    Hey volz1207,

    I was going to send you a PM to ask about your recent Hustler dealer experience (I'm in the Nashville area), but your profile has no contact info listed.

    I'd like to hear which dealer or dealers you dealt with, and how things went. If you update your profile, send me a PM. :)
  8. hello, i havent made out my profile yet. anyway im in mt juliet and bought from lebanon kubota (hwy 70 & hwy 109)
    between mj and lebanon. dealt with the owner ryan ellis and he gave me a good deal on my trade in which was a 2001 land pride (hustler z) and i upgraded to one of the two remaining 2006 super z's that he had left. 27 hp kohler 60" old style deck which was what i was used to instead of the xr7 deck. i have only cut 5 yards, but it is an impressive machine very powerful and yet comfortable also. i plan to add the flex forks also. hope this helps, take care, scott shreeve
  9. Coach

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    Took mower back to my dealer and found the seat to needed to be adjusted, they gave me a loaner to finsh the weekend. I have not heard what was not done correctly when it was installed. I got it back on Monday. All I can say is wow!!! It was well worth the money....... Just wish it was a little lower. Great piece making my new exmark even better.

  10. zeroturner

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    I run suspension seat kits on my Toros. They work great, you just have to get used to sitting up a little higher.

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