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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by lazer 46, Jul 21, 2004.

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    I'm using my Lazer for the second summer. I have the suspension seat. No matter how I adjust the knob in the front of the seat I can't seem to get the seat to have that springy feel to it. It's as if the seat does not go up and down as I think it should. Anything I can do to make this thing more comfortable?
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    What you want is for the seat to sink to the middle of the suspension range when you sit down on it. This allows the seat both up and down movement when you are on rough terrain.

    It takes quite a bit of cranking on the know in some cases to get where you need to be. Don't over due it but make sure you can feel a difference in the seat suspension tension after you make about 4 complete turns. This will tell you the adjustment is working. It's just a matter of getting it set you your weight after that.


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    I just tried out my new Lazer with the suspension seat... works great!

    What I would do is lossen up the knob first and sit on it to make sure you feel the seat drop with your weight on it. Then, make a half turn clockwise and sit again. Keep doing this until you feel the seat sink only half way down under your weight.


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