sutech stealth 33 mower????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by southarkansascutter, May 2, 2004.

  1. southarkansascutter

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    I am new to this so please bear with me... Has anybody dealt with a Sutech Stealth 33 walk behind mower?? Just bought one and wondering why you never see anything about them here. just curious.....
  2. kppurn

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    I had one for about three weeks when I first started.

    I'm not sure if they have changed, but the one I owned had no braking. It's hard to stop a couple hundred pound mower rolling down a hill. The steering was also a pain. Yes, it's belt driven, but you have to manually guide it to turn. It wasn't fun trying to keep that thing straight going across a hill. It would want to do a nose dive and go down hill, which you don't want to do with no way to stop it.

    I traded it in for a mower with steering and braking capabilities. You may not run into these problems if you mow all flat properties with it.
  3. barringtonbrothers

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    I had one for 4 hours, returned it for my money back POS!!! It looked good to me when I was starting out, not to big, had a trani - didnt have to push, and would fit in all my gates. But after using it the drive belt would start to get hot and loosen up off the pullies and I would have to wait for it to cool down and shrink so I could put it back on. This was after 3 lawns and travel time!!! I was not even out of highschool yet, so I let my old man do the talking at the dealer, got a full refund on the mower and the price he had quoted me on the 36inch toro walk behind and 21inch proline. I have to give it to the dealer he treated me right. I learned a very good lesson, always go with quality over price when its a tool. I complain about my toro wb lack of hydro, but its still a really good mower that has paid for its self many times over.
  4. southarkansascutter

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    thanks for the is not my main mower...I use a dixie chopper most of the time....just using it for the places I can't get my has a kawasaki motor...I have a couple of yards that I have to mow with my 21" honda and i was thinking it would make life alot faster and easier.... I bought it from a reputable dealer and if I have any trouble he definitely will be seeing me.... it rained all day yesterday and i went and mowed a large yard today that was too wet to get my chopper on and i was impressed how it cut the tall grass....time will tell though about the durability.... this one has good brakes though.... i will be mowing a yard tomorrow that has a pretty good side hill on it,can't wait to see how it works ....... after mowing that big yard i wanted to come home and hug my chopper........
  5. Leisure Lawn

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    Try the Bradley mower for getting into tight areas and gates..

    full belt driven commercial walk behind with a 5 speed Peerless trany for $1499 32"
  6. walker-talker

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    Do a search on them here on LS. You will find a lot of threads on them that all say about the same thing, which is not good.

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