sutech stealth gator blades

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by narly1_2000, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. narly1_2000

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    Hello. Do I double these things up or just replace the originals? Im a homeowner that doesnt know any better . Thanks
  2. BobR

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    Are you talking about the original equipment 'notched blade' ?
    In any event I personally would not put double blades on this machine. If I remember correctly the blade is only about 13" or 14" long. I had one of those machines and we just did not get along so we parted company, the home owner who purchased it thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread. While I did use the Sutech I found that the blade with the standard (straight) sharp edge worked the best.
  3. narly1_2000

    narly1_2000 LawnSite Member
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    Yes , me and my Sutech will part at the end of the season as well. She has a mind of her own and goes every which way. The cut isnt bad but I would like a little less clumping. Bought the gator blades thinking it would help. Thanks for your reply
  4. drobson

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    I have the Sutech and use the stock blades, it uses (3) 12" blades, I haven't personally tried the gator blades on it, but I've heard from others that the stock blades work better.
  5. I just ordered 3 sets of the Gator Blades

    I also just got a 2nd Sutech Stealth Used for a good price.
    Will use as as back up when the otther breaks down.

    I dont like the SR2000 Mulch Baldes (Stock Jagged Edge Blades)
    Dealer was changing $8 to sharpen

    I dont see any advantage to them over the regular blades except that they cost more:

    SR2000 $17
    Reg Blade $10
    Gator Blade $7

    Well if any one near IL has one of these and is looking for someone to take it off there hands give me a call.

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