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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by narly1_2000, May 29, 2003.

  1. narly1_2000

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    Sorry that I didnt find this site before I ordered one. Ran me down the hill yesterday. Ordered new mulching blades for the thing. Guess that I am stuck with it now. Anyone have advice on how to steer this thing? Thanks
  2. geogunn

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    can you mow hills from side to side?

    hills are commonly mowed this way.

  3. kppurn

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    You can try mowing side to side, but if the slope is steep enough it will want to go down. It's not much fun trying to physically man handle a 3-400 lb. lawn mower on a slope. Sounds like you already found out there is no way to stop it once it gets going down hill.:eek:
    I started out with one for small gates and other areas my Lazer wouldn't reach. I thought it was useless unless the lawn was relatively flat and traded it in. Now, instead of a 21" on slopes too steep for the Lazer, I use my 36" walkbehind.
  4. taco

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    Clean it up and sell it and except the loss ,cause you are going to hate that thing from now on ,I bought one after i had some stuff stolen ,I bought it because it looked well made and the are but they are a pain in the ***** to run ....Taco
  5. I own 2 of them

    They DONT mow any thing but flat break out the 21" for the hills.

    I only have 2 small hills I mow that is what I do.

    I am buying 2 new Exmarks as soon as I get the $$$

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