Suzuki 2 cycle rebuild

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by scottt, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. scottt

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    I am looking into buying a 21" toro commercial with the 2 cycle suzuki for $50. It needs a new recoil assembly, which I will buy and put on the mower before I buy it to see if it runs. Can these engines be rebuilt and if so what is involved and how much does it cost?
  2. dutch1

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    When I last worked in a Toro shop, retail on the Suzuki equipped BBC, 3 speed self propelled commericial was nearing $1100. This would be a real buy for a parts pit for someone who already had one. Before I spent the money for a recoil assembly, I'd try starting by using a rope around the starter cup.

    As for rebuilding, you won't find any inexpensive parts for a Suzuki unless you have a friend who is a Toro dealer. I would guess a carb rebuild kit alone is now nearing $30. If the CDI pack is dead that's another $150. You will likely spend close to $50 for just the recoil assembly but you may possibly need nothing more than the recoil spring. Check the engine for excessive horizontal and vertical end play. Pull the muffler and check the condition of the cylinder, piston and rings.

    If the deck assembly, transmission, wheels, height adjusters and handles are in good condition, but the engine needs work, I would consider a short block assembly. With a short block at least you know you'll be starting with a sound engine.

    As for me I'd venture the $50, tear the engine down and do a complete inspection. If things don't work out, you can part it out for at least 4 times the money.

    Check into and get a parts break down. Price out the parts at a Toro dealer and then you can make an intelligent decision.

  3. scottt

    scottt LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I was planning on buying a recoil assembly to start the mower, but I just found out it's $130:dizzy: . I think I'll take your advice and put a rope around the cup, I didn't think about that.
  4. dutch1

    dutch1 LawnSite Silver Member
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    I had all three of my kids using Toro Suzuki 2 strokers and any time we got a junker in at the shop I'd bring it home and scavage them for parts. Among those parts were numerous recoil assemblies, CDI packs.BBC belts,bearings, etc. When the kids wore their mowers, I tossed everything in the trash.

    The big problem was that the Suzukis, both 2 and 4 stroke, would far outlast the rest of the mower. I transferred several old engines over to new deck assemblies because the owners were in love with the engine,

    Given proper care, I'm convinced those engines would last 20+ years under homeowner conditions. My oldest daughter straight gassed a two cycle but got it shut down just as ity started squealing. That mower ran another 3 years. In my opinion, they are the two best engines ever put on a homeowner mower. There is a reason that they put it on the commercial unit.

  5. mowerman87

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    I just payed $550 for a fully rebuilt Suzuki 2 cycle and only got to use it one day. As soon as I let my guys try it, they completely bogart the thing and I'm stuck using the bohemoth that is the kawasaki 6.5 hp mower. I strongly recommend getting your hands on as many 2 cycles as you can. They are almost effortless to operate compared to the absurdly bulky 6.5 hp kawa, and my guys like the suzuki even better than the 5.5hp hondas. In my humble opinion, the 2 cycle ranks first in durability and the kawasaki ranks worst.
  6. jkason

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    Mowerman -
    Screw that, the good equipment is for the owner, let the gorillas use the other stuff.

    Dutch -
    Yeah, great unit. Had a customer drop one off when he bought a new Husqvarna 21" s/p mower. For $100 (my cost) in parts (mostly wheel stuff), I sold the thing to my older female neighbor - she has a steep embankment on one side of her porperty.
  7. lawnboy dan

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    the robin 2 stroke is even better than the zuki
  8. xpnd

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    Just curious. Where are you buying short blocks and for that matter the complete carb? Years ago before EPA banned these from US importation I purchased a dozen short blocks and half that many new carbs. I'm down to two short blocks and rebuilding carbs.

    As far as the original thread; do a compression check. If it is at or below 125 it is suitable for many years of homeowner use but not commercial production work. It will cut grass below 125 but not very fast.
  9. mowermankevin

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    If you could still get all the parts,(which I still have, recoils, air cleaner assemblys, all the exterior stuff,) it still comes down to piston and jug and worn out carb bodies. The 2 cycle Suzuki was the lighest displacement to power ratio ever put on a mower, but if they weren't kep't clean they smoked,hence the EPA did away with them. As long as you have one with good compression and a good carb keep mowing, but blow out the air cleaner every day, keep the air filter clean and you have a jewel from a bygone era. Hey 87, how was Europe?
  10. Itsgottobegreen

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    I swear by mine.

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