Suzuki 2 cycle rebuild

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by scottt, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. 44DCNF

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    What would you guys think an unused bbc model from the final year would go for? They were $1200 at the time in my area. Would a guy with such a mower be nuts for selling it? Me thinks.
  2. mowermankevin

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    Hey 44, If it's a straight shaft crank, not tapered BBC, and all the other stuff checks out, (tranny, height adusters, handlebars, cables,traction and throttle) it's still retail price.
  3. mowerman87

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    those tapered crankshafts got me mad...
  4. xpnd

    xpnd LawnSite Senior Member
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    Nope, not a deal if it is a bbc. A lot of idiots went out and bought these as an investment??? to sell at a higher price after quantity on hand had been sold out. I saw some of these going for $1500+ at the dealer.

    I loved these units and I'm still sending out 4 every day of the week. I'm down to 2 short blocks NIB which I will probably be using next year. The problem is parts, particularly the starters, can be hard to come by unless you have a bunch of junkers to cannibalize parts from. Dealers can still get the parts but generally don't have them in inventory. I have ten units I use as my parts inventory to keep the four running.
  5. DSIM

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    Xpnd, would you be willing to sell one of your short blocks?

    Mine has been going strong for over 7 years commercially in a solo op.

    I just replaced the adapter blade and installed a high blade and noticed the engine sounded like it was really straining. I noticed that you can push the blade vertically about a half inch.

    I'm guessing crankshaft bearings?

    I'm looking at possibly buying a new exmark 21" with the honda and keeping the 2 cycle for a back up.
  6. _CY_

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    just purchased a Toro GTS5 with Suzuki 2 stroke motor for the short block
    normally you would see this motor on the commercial model.

    GTS5's two stroke engine has good compression with history of only homeowner use.

    got another Toro Commercial 22040 with low compression.
    rest of 22040 looks very close to new but someone ran it without a filter.

    will the short blocks interchange between GTS5 and 22040 commercial?
    got new rings and oil seals already ordered for 22040. but would much rather change out short blocks instead and turn GTS5 into a parts mower.
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  7. _CY_

    _CY_ LawnSite Member
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    bump... anyone know if Suzuki 2 stroke short blocks are the same for Toro commercial and GTS-5?

    they look like the same motor...
  8. OldLawnMowerMan81

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    Why, of course they're the same motor. The ones branded "GTS" are usually the homeowner versions (for example, model 20684), and the "-5" suffix indicates a five-year warranty. Commercial versions (like models 22035 and 22043) usually have warranties that are limited to between 90 days and one year from date purchased.

    Theoretically, these engines can run as low as 2850 RPM (if engine is set to 3000 RPM, with the governor return spring in the bottom hole) and as high as 3750 RPM (when engine is set to 3600 RPM, with return spring in top hole). The 3450 to 3750 RPM figures are usually suited to hover-mower (a usually non-U.S. artifact) usage while lawn mower usage typically would have the settings between 2850-3150 (3000 RPM main speed) or 3150-3450 (3300 RPM main speed) RPM.


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