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    Tips on using a power trowel... same concept as by hand, float, lay down and finish.

    We use float pans on the machines for the floating operation. You can start floating once the bleed water has evaporated. The sirface looks dull and you only leave about a 1/4 to 1/8 inch deep boot print

    Float minimim 2 times, 2 directions, overlaping.

    Next you lay it down with blades at a low angle. And as the concrete hardens increase blade pitch. Same process as by hand.

    Yes we own a deere 50d excavator, and a deere ct322. Along with small stuff like a power buggie and trowel machines etc.
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    Great work. I have always wanted to try concrete work, everyone tells me to stay far away from it though.
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    Been a busy few months, here is a couple shots.

    Second and Third floor of the building from the previous set of shots,

    a Resturant slab

    and the large one under roof is 16,000 square feet we are pouring on Saturday, I will try to get some photos and video as well

    Tysinger Boxes.jpg


    Wire 3rd floor.jpg

    3rd Floor.jpg


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    On the larger floors do you guys use a rider?
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    Yes, usually 3 riders, one to pan, one to laydown and one to finish, sometimes 4 if the slab is large and the temps are hot.

    we mix and match depending on the job, some days we use a 48" walk behind with a pan, and a 60" rider to burn it out.

    on the upper decks, we used 2 36" walk behinds and one 60" rider. on the restaurant we only used 2 walk behinds and 3 guys crawling pipes.

    on slabs on grade we try to pan with a 8' rider to help flatten it, but upper decks cannot support the load of a large rider.
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    We're doing a 5000sq ft warehouse tomorrow - I'll snap some pictures.
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    awesome work man! i used to work for my uncle who did commercial concrete but i got sick of working 80 hrs a week! lol.
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  9. SVA_Concrete

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    Working on a pretty fun and unique job, Building Headwalls across a canal that is getting piped in with 4 runs of 72" RCP.






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    Very cool man. That must be fun to form
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