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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by Buchannon, Mar 31, 2006.

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    Westmoreland/ Eastern Allegheny Counties.

    Hi, just found this site and was wondering how many people are from around here, and had a couple questions. I am going into my third year (part time, try to keep 10-15 weekly customers.

    1. Does anyone have any small accounts that they are outgrowing or are out of the way and want to sub out? I had 12 clients last year, one I can't get in touch with and three moved. Starting this year with 8 and would like to pick up a few more.

    2. Do any of you aerate? And if so, are you looking for more jobs. I do not do this, but already have had 3 people ask this year, so was wondering if anyone wanted me to refer people who ask in the future to them. I have a full time job and just do basic mowing - trimming, and would be happy to refer other requests to somebody in the area. I am in the Murrysville/ Penn Twp/ Plum area.

    Good luck this season.:waving:

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